• Continga Video Directly Observed Therapy Application on mobile phones

    Video Directly Observed The​rapy for your patients

    Continga's vDOT is a simple solution designed to assist in assessing patient treatment adherence.

    This involves a patient recording a video of their treatment administration at home which is sent to their healthcare provider, where it can be observed and feedback & corrections provided.

  • Features of vDOT

    Continga Patient Management

    Patient Enrolment

    Enrol patients into directly observed therapy, creating a personalised care plan.

    Patient Review and Reporting

    Patient Review

    Review patient treatment administration, and provide feedback and corrections remotely.

    Patient Medication Reminders

    Medication Reminders

    Patients receive automated reminders of medications, as defined by their care plan.

    Remote Doctor Feedback to Patients

    Doctor Feedback

    Patients receive notifications of feedback when reviewed by their healthcare provider.

  • Benefits of vDOT

    Video and Remote Directly Observed Therapy

    For Healthcare Providers

    • Reduced number of medical staff needed for observation
    • Saves staff time on transport to visit patients at home
    • Cost effective approach compared with traditional DOT
    • Can be used to observe patients taking medication at the weekend and public holidays

    For Patients

    • Flexible and convenient
    • Can be used to improve or maintain treatment adherence
    • Reduce travel burden for patients who live in rural areas with restricted  access  to  medical staff and resources
    • Can be used as communication tool between patient and medical staff e.g. discussion on medication side effects
    • Can be used for monitoring adherence of immobile and disabled patients
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